• Connecting Europe at the Speed of Sound

    A Hyperloop forecast, designed by 10x Labs

  • Euroloop Prototyping

    Curiosity. Duct tape. Simulated vacuum

    October 2015


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    Makers in Residence

    Alex Ennerfelt & Ruben Karlsson


    Volvo Construction Equipment

    & Blekinge Institute of Technology

  • Euroloop

    Zero friction transport for goods and people

    1,220 km/h

    Top Speed

    45 minutes

    Paris to Berlin

    962 km/h

    Average Speed

    A network

    of vacuum tubes


    Immune to Weather

  • Exponentially faster transport of goods 

    The railroad and steam engine disrupted the horse and cart, allowing for more heavy goods to travel faster and further at massively reduced cost.


    By connecting an entire continent through a network of vacuum tubes a transformation of the same magnitude will occur again, as heavy-duty goods will zip forward unhindered by friction.


    The proposed Euroloop network, enabled by the work of technology companies like rLoop, Hyperloop One and HTT, is inherently electric and can be powered entirely by renewable energy.

    Demonetizing travel for people

    While the construction of a continental Euroloop network allows for great economy of scale benefits (the tubes and pylons are pre-fabricated and then assembled on-site, IKEA-style) it will nevertheless be a very costly affair.


    Yet, millions of people everyday will be able to travel throughout Europe at a price well below today's typical airfare. 


    Why? Because exponential cost-reduction in the transport of premium goods will subsidize the network for everybody and everything else.

  • People & Places

    Only a thwoomph away!

    Connecting a continent of people

    Making Europolis a reality

    You can leisurely finish your morning biscotti in Stockholm before effortlessly showing up for work in Berlin and then enjoy the best tapas in Barcelona with your friends in the evening. For the price of very little. No passing through airport security, no take off and landing. Just a thwoomph.


    This is enabled by the application of Hyperloop technology at scale, effectively turning the continent of Europe into the mega city of Europolis.

  • Context

    Why this idea is not only bold but also believable

    Cannot help but wanting to play a part, and host a contest

    SpaceX may be entirely focused on its founding goal of creating a self-sustaining colony on Mars while building a profitable satellite-launch business, and yet the company is committed to also help out with vacuum here on earth.


    And so, they host a Hyperloop pod design contest scheduled to take place next to the SpaceX HQ in southern California in June 2016. We want to go! Here are the details.

    His open source white paper that broke the internet

    Needing no further introduction, Elon Musk is the kind of guy that personifies what 'super-credibility' means. When he says something bold, it cannot be dismissed as the ravings of a techno-utopian mad man.


    So when he in 2013, peeved over the inadequacies of the new $60 billion+ California high-speed rail project, wrote this white paper the world got curious and then some people got bold. What followed is what is happening now.

  • Our humble goals:

    Worth a shot. Should be fun.

    Support the Hyperloop Movement

    We want to go to Hawthorne, California, in June and watch the many pods fly through the test track. We will tell that story to the world and to our industry partners, making this innovation more tangible for more people. The Hyperloop Movement is the community where some of the very smartest people in the world are spending all their spare time without getting paid. That should amount to something quite exponential...

    Discover new applications of Hyperloop technology

    Within a decade, we are convinced that millions of people at different places will benefit from the Hyperloop networks. Yet, the first and biggest cost-savings driven by this technology will be in heavy industry.


    Where, when and how will this impact happen - and what current company titans can stay ahead tomorrow by designing strategies with this tech in mind today?


    Sounds like a billion dollar opportunity to us.

    Industy partner co-creation

    The Hyperloop concept is an emerging exponential technology that may re-shape the world profoundly. Regardless of that final outcome, the idea provides ample ground for learning experiences both in terms of engineering and business transformation.


    Using Euroloop as a way of peering into the future, we want to provide companies the opportunity to embrace disruptive change and position themselves to take advantage of this and other technologies as they goes from deceptive to disruptive.

  • Feeling curious?

    Whether you're an engineer, an artist or just passionate about technology,

    let's have a conversation about how to implement the future

  • Who we are

    Why we are excited

    Accelerating change

    We are a company-agnostic skunk works that partners with Fortune 500 titans of industry to pursue solutions to the world's most grand challenges.


    10x Labs prototypes, deploys and facilitates the understanding of exponential technologies that are going from being deceptive to disruptive.


    Euroloop is such a prototype - giving flesh, muscle and expression to what is still an emerging skeleton of technological schematics.


    We believe that this will change the world and we want to contribute to it happening faster, and this is how we start doing so.

    Alex Ennerfelt

    Maker in Residence

    Artistic mind with passion for big and bold ventures in technology. He has been painting and drawing since he was a child, making his own sketches of how he wanted the world to look like. He is currently at Hyper Island, learning how to put his skills to good use in an exponentially growing industry. It just goes to show that when a vision needs visualization, he will put stylus to tablet.